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Life Stages PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Life Stages PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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We all go through a number of stages in our life. Each stage teaches us and prepares us for what is to come next in financial terms. You can learn yourself and educate your class about each stage from our fully customizable Life Stages PowerPoint templateEvery stage has its own financial significance, and it is important to know that since that determines what we can achieve at that age. The PPT helps you explains and clearly distinguishes between stages in serial order. It can be downloaded quickly from our website in two amazing color designs. You can also use these vectors on Apple Keynote and Google Slides.

Everything is covered

The set of slides starts with stages of financial advice. This includes preparing for and enjoying life after work, sorting finances for the family’s future and maximizing financial position. All these stages sum up your life’s efforts and purpose in relation to your income. The high definition layout opens up on these directions and also simplifies phases of life such as teenage, middle-age, and old-age. In the first one, you have energy and time but no money, in the second one you have energy and money but no time and in the final one you have the money and time but no energy. With such clarity, the presentation allows you to cover different stages for your audience, growth, consolidation, empty nest, and retirement.

All yours to edit

For any of your presentational needs, our professional graphic designers have created the slides to be fully editable. Yes, all the designs, icons, and objects that you can see are vector-based. You can rescale, recolor, reshape, reform, move, or remove any of the visual elements without losing the provided high-quality. With similar creative liberty, you can edit the textual information as well. Sometimes you address a different kind of audience, sometimes you have to consider how long should the slideshow should be. In these cases, it becomes important to make adjustments. And now you can do all that with basic PowerPoint skills. 

Get going!

Besides routine job-goers and businessmen, there are others who can make use of the PPT. Financial advisors, life coaches, motivational speakers, financiers, analysts, economists, investment planners, lenders, bankers, etc. will also find the PPT’s resourcefulness. So gear up by placing your sub-headlines and saving the time that would otherwise go into making an impactful slideshow from the start.

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