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Longitude and Latitude

Longitude and Latitude

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Creative and engaging presentation methods help viewers to comprehend the message properly. Whether you are designing a presentation to share location-based details of your business or highlighting location-based factors for educational purposes, our Longitude and Latitude PowerPoint template is a great option to enrich your slides. 

In this PPT, we have used the 2D model of a globe to highlight the longitude and latitude details. Herein, we have denoted the North Pole, South Pole, Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle, Equator, etc., using white-dotted lines with respective coordinate details. The black latitudinal and longitudinal lines offer a grid-like structure to let you easily pinpoint specific regions on the design.

Possible Uses

This thoughtfully designed PPT helps our users to share varied location-based details in a creative and accurate manner. Each visual element in this template is designed from scratch using professional tools to ensure their pixel-quality remains intact even when resized or edited. You can use this template for many other purposes as well, such as:

  • Sharing global market coverage of your company 
  • Adding a visual aid in your business-related slides 
  • Educational purposes 

You can use this exquisitely designed template to help your students and viewers learn the difference between the varied longitude and latitude details. Get this amazing editable PPT right now to share your message in the most compelling and engaging manner. 

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