Market Cannibalization

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Market Cannibalization

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Eating Own Sales

When a company launches something new, there's always the expectation of it doing well. Brands wish to make a mark in the competitive market space. You might have seen certain companies coming out with new products every month. While expanding one's services and items is a good idea, there is also a downside. We're talking about eating one's own sales here. Our pre-designed Market Cannibalization PowerPoint template can help you cover it impressively. As the name implies, this term is about eating your own market share.

New Can Harm the Old

When a new product is launched, there is a chance it might take away sales from an old item by the same brand. Such an occurrence leads to a decrease in overall sales. A successful organization is one whose entire catalog brings in sales. No company wants to compete with its own items or services. That's why it's always essential to do proper research. Understanding marketing trends can help reduce the chance of such cannibalization. Our professionally designed pre-made slides have pre-existing content to help you out. We want you to be able to create a stunning presentation without overexerting yourself.

Full Customizable Slides

What if we tell you these pre-made slides can be edited with just a few clicks? It sounds fantastic, right? That's exactly what our pre-made Market Cannibalization PPT offers. These fully customizable slides only require a few clicks to edit. You can mold each slide to help convey the information you want. No need for you to have any prior experience with using a pre-made set. All you need to do is download the template and begin right away. You can select from two different color themes. We don't force you to follow strict instructions. It's all about making the presentation-creation process convenient for everyone. Save time and effort!

Meant for Everyone

Our team of professionals has made sure anyone can use these pre-made slides. Students can use them in class. Teachers can use their support to convey exciting lessons. Brand managers can build a slideshow to warn about such cannibalization in the market space. Featuring HD vector-based graphics, you're sure to create something spectacular. The slideshow can then be delivered using Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote.

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