Marketing Evolution PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Marketing Evolution PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Marketing techniques evolve as any respective service or product that is being marketed evolves. It is important to know that evolution helps in understanding what worked in the past with a particular product or service. And it also hints at what can help us keeping successful sales and marketing techniques. Our dynamically designed, fully editable, high-definition marketing evolution PowerPoint template will assist your audience in comprehending the very evolution, quickly. 

Concise and neatly shown

Impactful graphics of the layout illustrate how, through the decades, marketing altered for better. The marketing evolution PPT describes four kinds of evolution that have occurred throughout the years. These have been namely product, consumer, human, and digital-centric. The slides broadly show three phases, marketing 1.0 covering the years 1960-2003, marketing 2.0 covering the years 2004-2014 and marketing 3.0 covering the years 2014 onwards. 

Tailor the experience for your audience

All the visuals of the slides are vector-based. This powerful feature hands you the liberty to get creative both visually and textually. You can transform the entire look of the presentation. Reposition, recolor, rescale, resize, reshape any of the graphical elements without disturbing the HD quality provided. Also, you can edit the existing information on the slides to offer an even better experience to your audience.  

Download and get going

Individuals and groups to whom the presentation will be most resourceful are sales and marketing executives, corporate agents, and professionals, learners, and educators invested in the management studies. Tweak the layout as per your needs; give it a look you want to display to your audience. And finally, save yourself from having to put frustratingly long hours into designing a dynamic PPT from the beginning. 

Get the cross-platform compatibility

The high-definition series of slides can be edited thoroughly with elementary PowerPoint skills. The concepts of push and pull marketing strategies have been well depicted in the slides with the orientation-specific elements over time. The PPT can be viewed in Apple Keynote and Google Slides.

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