Myanmar (Burma) Map

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Myanmar (Burma) Map

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Formerly known as Burma, the Republic of Myanmar is a sovereign Southeast Asian country. It has a vital geographic location as it shares its border with nations like India, China, Thailand, and Bangladesh. With a population of more than 50 million, it generates a nominal GDP of around $70 billion. A culturally rich and diverse nation, it is gradually stepping into a new age with Yangon as its biggest city and Naypyidaw as its official capital. If your business is also associated with this prosperous country, then this would be a resourceful set for you.

Download this entirely editable PowerPoint template of Myanmar map and represent every piece of crucial information about the region in a seamless manner. Our experts have come up with a well-researched and highly informative set of different kinds of Myanmar maps. It doesn't matter if you wish to use this set for educational purpose or would like to draft an informative slideshow - these illustrations can be used time and time again without much trouble. From educators to professionals belonging to different industries, almost everyone can use this set in their own way.

With the help of these visually appealing illustrations, you would certainly be able to grab your audience's attention while depicting your data in an interesting manner. The set consists of a wide range of maps that would come handy to you on numerous occasions. One can easily use these maps and explain how various geographic regions are connected to each other. You can also focus on an individual region or give an in-depth layout of the entire country. Furthermore, there are dedicated maps for the country's transport, weather, and the overall layout that one can readily use.

Use the entire set the way it is or simply clip out the illustrations of your choice. Additionally, we have listed various icons related to the country's flag, weather, pins, and other geographic entities that would be of a great use to you. An entirely editable template, it can be altered without having any prior knowledge of designing. Customize the entire set the way you like and give a memorable presentation using these map slides.

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