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Offline Buyer Journey

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Buyer meets the seller, is that all?

Any kind of trade primarily consists of two entities, buyer and seller. In the contemporary era, due to advancements in technology, many other elements have been introduced to bridge the gap between these entities. Since considerable sales are now made via the internet, ways, and means to comprehend, measure, and analyze the behavior of both entities has drastically changed. Not only these practices have made it easier to know a buyer’s interests - both current and upcoming; they have also handed new challenges.

Our Offline Buyer Journey PowerPoint template will take your audience on tour to understand what shapes a buyer’s demand and how it is met by the sellers of the modern age. The set can also be downloaded easily and run across Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

Offline and Online

When it comes to buying anything, offline or online, there are some common steps that a buyer takes to make it to the final purchase. These are - analyzing the need, searching online/offline for the right service/product, filtering by price comparison to reach the right vendor, and making the purchase. This process is intricately pondered over by our PPT slides. Since it carries enhanced visual-aid, as a presenter, you can make your audience learn through, even the most complex of concepts by swiping just a few slides. The set of slides contains essential information broken down to simple and easily observable facts and acts in the market.

Make your moves

The graphical content has been drafted by professional designers and is based on vectors. This means you can add, remove, rescale, reshape, and even recolor any of the elements as per your professional needs. The pack of slides is also offered in distinctly colorful themes. Not just this, after the successful download, you can alter the written content too. Sellers, buyers, traders, executives involved in import and export activities, company professionals invested in sales and marketing domains, etc. can leverage from these Offline Buyer Journey PPT.

Preserve your time and energy

The presentation summarizes the journey into simple keywords like shop, buy, get, use, pay, and renew. Additionally, it has emphasized the fact that these form a full circle whenever a successful transaction from the seller to the buyer takes place. As a presenter, you can effortlessly forward these insights to the class you choose to address. If you happen to find yourself in a time crunch to come up with an elaborate slideshow on the same subject, then here is your answer. Save your time and labor by downloading the product.

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