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Option Pricing Model

Option Pricing Model

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Download our all-new Option Pricing Model PPT template to graphically present the models used to calculate the fair value of an option. Finance professionals can leverage this feature-rich set to describe how the option pricing model helps adjust trading strategies and investment portfolios. Furthermore, this fully customizable template is the best fit to portray how the option pricing method helps value securities.

Quickly Customizable PowerPoint Slides

  • The main variables of the Black-Scholes model are portrayed through an eye-pleasing illustration.
  • The definition and types of option price methods are described in the other slide.
  • A flowchart diagram adorned with appealing icons presents the main variables used to determine the face value of an option.
  • You can briefly describe the crucial components of the options pricing theory through a well-designed diagram.


  • You can quickly resize and recolor the infographics, icons, etc., without technical expertise or seeking external support.
  • The visual elements assure optimum resolution, irrespective of the screen size.
  • All deck objects are designed after extensive research to avoid copyright infringement issues.

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