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Performance Value Matrix for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Performance Value Matrix for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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A highly effective employee evaluation model, it plays a crucial role in almost every industry. Since it is such a vital component, you should certainly educate your audience about it. This informative and visually appealing Performance value matrix PowerPoint template will come handy to do the same.


Performance Value Matrix is a 9-box matrix which evaluates an employee on the basis of their performance and potential. As per the value for these parameters, they are placed accordingly in the grid. The value matrix can be used to identify the star performers, high potential employees, inconsistent individuals, and so on. Needless to say, it can be used by HR professionals for talent management in different ways.

Major features

  1. The set features different styles of performance value grids that you can readily use to explain the topic to your audience.
  2. Simply clip out the illustration of your choice from the set and include it in any other document. These vectors can be included in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.
  3. Through these vectors, you can evaluate your employees on the basis of different parameters like potential, behavior, performance, and so on.
  4. From a complex 9-grid matrix to a simple 4-grid vector, there are different styles of illustrations in this set.
  5. The entire template is available in different color themes. You can easily go with the color theme of your choice and further save your time.
  6. Extremely easy to edit, it comes in different aspect ratios as well. Also, a dedicated customer support is provided on each of these products by us.

Who can use this template?

If you are an HR professional, then this is a must-have template set for you. Not only it can be used to educate your audience about the topic, but it can also help you in order to manage your firm’s workforce. You can identify the top-performing individuals, those who need some push, professionals with low potential, and so on.

In this way, you can work on employee retention; identify those who require training, and the ones that lack the needed potential. The topic is related to almost every industry and can help you on numerous occasions. Simply download this template and use it time and time again to draft remarkable slideshows.

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