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Probability Impact Matrix

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Almost every organization spends significant portions of the allocated funds for project development and risk analysis. It is obvious to observe, examine, and prepare for probable risks as we progress. P.I. Matrices are created primarily to assess what cost will the company have to bear if a risk turns into damage. Risks are viewed as dependent on two factors; how impactful they can be and likely occurrence. Our Probability Impact Matrix PowerPoint template offers to your team an opportunity to fully understand the subject and use its advantage to keep your company from damages.

The editable presentation can be availed via instant download from the website and can be displayed across Apple Keynote, and Google Slides platforms as well. This completely editable PPT is available for you in two unique color schemes.

Know your risks

As any firm aims ahead at achieving specific goals, it faces challenges external and internal. When you are dealing with challenges, you happen to feel the need to prepare for any fallout. This is where the need to study the risks comes in and therefore to have PI Matrices. Our editable set can prove really supportive here by educating your audience about categorizing risks. This, in turn, will help in perceiving which risks surface as priority-risks. And which risks are not posing as immediate threats and can be addressed later accordingly.

Bring in your creativity

As mentioned, this visually captivating Probability Impact Matrix slides can be customized fully and displayed to different audiences and in separate sessions. All the high-definition graphics of the PPT are vector-based. This means that with just necessary PowerPoint skills, you can rescale, re-color, resize, reshape, add or remove any visual element as you desire. You can edit, introduce, or take out any textual information depending upon your upcoming session. Thus, you have all the creative authority to make a mark on your team with this set of slides. All the research is at your disposal, type your sub-headings, and you are all pumped up.

Gain the edge

Risk analysts, data analysts, threat monitors, professionals that assess damages in your firm, product or service managers, stakeholders, etc., all will find this set very resourceful. It is so because, with this layout, you and your team can learn the metrics that hang the relevant data and strategies for all kinds of risks. You can also gain knowledge about approximating and assigning cost ranges to possible risks.

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