Push and Pull Strategy

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Explain the push and pull supply chain model using this extensive PowerPoint Template. Our experts have drafted this high-definition template that is sure to come handy to you on numerous occasions.


Both Push and Pull are two different kinds of supply chain models, which are conflicting in nature. In push strategy, a product (and its communication) is moved from manufacturers to consumers via retailers and wholesalers. Whereas, in the pull strategy, a customer reaches out to the retailer and demands the product, which is finally obtained from the manufacturer’s end. While the product flow is same in both the models, the communication flow takes place in different directions.

Who can use this template?

Since both of these models play a vital role in a firm’s functioning, the template can be used by every professional belonging to supply-chain, sales and marketing. Educators and subject matter experts can work on a highly informative slideshow by using these professionally designed PPT slides. If your aim is to make your audience familiar with these models (and distinguish them on the basis of different parameters), then this would be an ideal set for you.

It consists of:

The template consists of several vector-based high-definition illustrations that can help you explain the push and pull models pretty easily.

You can simply focus on a push or pull strategy individually or compare them on the basis of different parameters. Let your audience know about their distinctive mediums, components, flow, characteristics, and more.

It also comprises of different interactive icons and graphics. This can elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your slideshows without much trouble.

How to use it?

Start by downloading the template on your system. Later, you can use it the way you like to draft a striking slideshow. You can alter the entire set as per your needs or clip out the distinctive slides of your choice. The set is 100% editable and can be customized in seconds. This will let you personalize your presentation without investing a lot of time or efforts. It is available in different color themes as well.

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