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Restaurant Icons for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Restaurant Icons for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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Professionals like caterers, food bloggers, and restaurant owners can take advantage of the pre-designed Restaurant Icons PPT template for their upcoming presentations. You can pick any of the visuals as per the necessity and display a list of food items available at your place, ingredients used in the preparation of food, sitting capacity in your restaurant, space for events, best dish to try, and other important information. So, download the slide right away!

Appealing Icons

You can present a chunk of information with the minimum usage of text using the bold and line icons of:

  • A chef is serving the food
  • A boy and a girl enjoying their food individually on different tables.
  • Two boys sitting in front of each other
  • Two girls sitting  in front of each other
  • A couple sitting at a restaurant
  • Waiter asking for the order
  • A spoon, fork, and knife arranged parallelly

Besides these, there are a few more icons that you can incorporate in your PPT as per necessity.

Extraordinary Features

  • The usage of high-quality graphics to design the icons and ensure optimum optical quality.
  • Each of them is made from scratch to keep the copyright issues at bay.
  • As per the presentation’s needs, you can customize them completely without any prior editing knowledge.
  • The slide offers lifetime ownership by downloading it once.
  • You can ask for help from our well-trained customer support team.

Why settle for less when you’re getting the best; download the PPT now!

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