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Russia on World Map

Russia on World Map

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Russia on World Map PPT Slide 1
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Download our Russia on World Map slide for PowerPoint and Google Slides to showcase Russia’s extensive borders with various countries. The slide contains a map graphic with a GPS marker and a Russian flag highlighting the location of Russia in red color.

Business owners and entrepreneurs can use this graphic to portray their market share in the country. Educators and economists can highlight Russia’s international relations with neighboring countries, international alliances, and key economic indicators like GDP, exports, imports, etc. You can also present demographic information, such as age distribution, ethnic diversity, urban vs. rural populations, and more.


  • You can effortlessly modify the infographic according to your preferences.
  • The visual quality will remain the same on all screen dimensions.
  • The graphic has been designed from scratch to maintain authenticity and originality.
  • Our support staff is accessible 24/7 for quick issue resolution.

Incorporate the map infographic featured in this PPT into your presentations to make them stand out!

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