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SCRUM Values PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

SCRUM Values PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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The ultimate aim of SCRUM is to optimize and increase productivity. All team members operate at different efficacy and to integrate them is always challenging. SCRUM values come into play to direct endeavors in the right direction and avoiding time and energy loss. Our SCRUM values PowerPoint template will aid your audience with a clear comprehension of this concept incorporated widely among modern organizations. Grab the PPT in two exciting color themes. This HD PPT can be fully customized and also be displayed upon Google Slides and Apple Keynote. 

Valuable SCRUM insights

With five essential ethical values, the template initiates the description of SCRUM. These are courage, focus, commitment, respect, and openness. In the next slides, the six pillars of SCRUM are taken into account, namely, empirical process control, collaboration, time-boxing, value-based prioritization, and self-organization. SCRUM values PPT template lets your audience find the illustration of 3 roles, three artifacts, and four ceremonies revolving around SCRUM. With impactful visuals, your team/class will be able to absorb critical points for professional proficiency that SCRUM advocates. 

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Offer your audience an exceptional presentational experience. The presentation can be edited completely, keeping the high-definition output intact. The entire layout is designed as vector-based by our team of professional designers. This intriguing feature allows you to adjust the position, scale, size, color, and shape of any of the visual elements. And not just the visuals, with similar liberty, you can also adjust the textual information. All the modifications can be made with elementary PowerPoint skills, and you needn’t be an expert. So type in your sub-headlines, make the necessary tweaks, and you are all set to take over the next session.

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Product developers, project managers, supervisors, quality assurance executives, corporate professionals, team leaders, etc., everyone will realize this PPT as a useful resource. The layout covers in-depth knowledge of the subject presented with designs easy-to-understand and convey. It also takes into account how scrum master, product owner, and project team coordinate with each other in the real world scenario. Description of 5 ways how SCRUM can be deflated is well-compiled in the PPT along with three principles of SCRUM viz. transparency, adaptation, and inspection. 

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So save your time and energy that you were planning on investing in designing an impressive presentation from the beginning. 

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