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Sensor Fusion

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We have brought you the all-new Sensor Fusion PPT template to help you portray how multi-sensor data fusion gathers and blends inputs from multiple radars, cameras, and lidars to produce more reliable information. You can also visualize the categories or levels of sensor fusion while depicting the sensor configurations. Vehicle manufacturers, marketing professionals, and automobile engineers can use this 100% editable PowerPoint template to showcase how the infusion of multiple radars creates a 360-degree environment around a vehicle and increases its capacity to identify and detect objects.

What’s Inside the Deck?

  • All sensor types that can be inbuilt in a car are showcased via an innovatively designed infographic.
  • The different types of sensor fusion are demonstrated through three rectangular boxes with captivating icons – Complementary, Competitive, and Cooperative.
  • A flowchart diagram illustrates how a sensor fusion/AI Platform works.
  • The benefits of blending multiple sensors, cameras, lidars, etc., are exhibited using several quadrilateral boxes.
  • A flower-shaped illustration adorned with appealing icons presents how the device app and cloud data-enabled sensors, and other attributes form an effective sensor fusion.

Spellbinding Features

  • All elements can be edited according to your objectives without investing much time and effort.
  • You can use the graphics, icons, etc., in your existing or future presentations for scaling up their engagement.
  • Assured round-the-clock customer support services.

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