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Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation

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We have introduced the Smoking Cessation PPT template to help NGOs and healthcare professionals highlight the severe consequences of smoking cigarettes. This set, comprising quality visuals and unique shading effects, is the best pick to illustrate complex textual information and steal the audience’s sight. You can depict the best practices for keeping a strong will and staying firm with the decision to quit smoking. Healthcare professionals can further use quality illustrations to display how a person can avoid the risk of heart attack, improve taste and smell receptors, the functionalities of lungs, and more, with just a decision to quit smoking.

What’s Inside the PowerPoint Slides?

  • You can beautifully illustrate the 5 R’s of smoking cessation through a circular illustration adorned with compelling icons.
  • Several rectangular boxes adjoining a cigarette illustration present the smoking cessation milestones.
  • The key points associated with quitting smoking are displayed via a few rectangular text placeholders.
  • Various textual boxes connected with a cigarette illustration portray the stages of quitting.
  • The other slide demonstrates the benefits of smoking cessation.


  • The visuals, such as illustrations, infographics, diagrams, etc., can be conveniently made in line with your existing or future presentations’ flow.
  • No user will ever face copyright issues, as all deck elements are designed after meticulous research.
  • By downloading the set once, you gain lifetime ownership.

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