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Software Defined WAN

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It is a specific application to connect broadband networks, such as 4G, LTE, or MPLS. This is generally used to connect branch offices and data centers over a large geographical area. Nowadays, when globalization is bringing everyone closer, it is very necessary for you to have access to the data even from a remote area. Software-Defined WAN (SDWAN) makes this possible. Give an impeccable presentation over this to your IT head, CEO, and Co-founders to convince them to use this application in your organization. You can also make employees of other companies aware of it. Don’t be stressed. It can be done easily with the help of the versatile Software Defined WAN PPT template we are offering. It is a set of slides designed amazingly yet professionally.

Why It Is Best Choice For You

If there has been one reason for choosing this set, then we would have mentioned it quite earlier. But, there are many like you can deliver every relevant information that you want to, such as:

  • SD-WAN architecture
  • Its controller
  • SD-WAN as a service VS. Managed service
  • Difference between traditional WAN and SD-WAN
  • Cloud-managed SD-WAN 

This much information would be enough to make your audience aware of this technology. Even if it is not, then you need not worry. This PPT is 100% customizable, so you can add more slides to it. It can be done in the span of the fingers.  

How This Template Can Connect Audience

  • We know that content doesn’t only do the complete work. Instead, to make a slideshow successful, stunning visuals play a major role. Therefore, our designers have incorporated informative infographics, amazing graphics, and eye-catchy other optic elements.
  • Since you might be asked to present this PPT to different teams, you might need to run it on Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. Don’t worry, here you can get separate files for each.
  • You can download the template either in blue or multicolored theme. You can match both of them with your pre-made presentation even without any editing or designing skills. It is quite simple.
  • You can pick any slide from the set that you find useful or use the whole template as a complete presentation.
  • You don’t need to download it again and again whenever you’re asked to give a presentation on this topic. Just buy it once and use it throughout life.
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