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From Source to Vendor

In the industrial world, the term is used frequently to indicate an entire journey that involves many critical phases. This ranges right from sourcing of goods and services to their successful purchase. Broadly speaking, there are three main stages involved which are - finding the source, acquiring the goods or services, and making payment. All organizations have departments based upon software operators that manage this business.

Our Source to Pay PowerPoint template reveals all the essential details - micro to a macro that shows how companies work with systematic processes. The ready-made PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded, played, and even reworked upon, across Apple Keynote and Google Slides as well. It is offered to you in excitingly vibrant color schemes.

Everything about S2P

As mentioned, the first stage is a sum of ‘source, spend and supply’. This means, out of many vendors in the market, few promising ones are chosen with a full background check. After that negotiations go on about how much materials and/or services will amount to. As these terms and conditions are settled, they are officially set, which in turn is called as contracting.

This entire knowledge is spread out in our Source to Pay PPT, which will help your audience gain an edge in today’s competitive market. Aided by graphics crafted upon the in-depth conceptual study of the subject, as a presenter, you will find it pretty easy to convey the S2P structure to your class.

Liberty to be creative

As stated earlier, you can work on the set of editable slides after a quick download. This is made possible by vector-based graphics that hand you the ability to rescale, reshape, recolor, and even reform any visually present element within the presentation. And this can be done without any loss in the high-definition quality. You also get similar liberty to alter or transform the written content. In other words, you have the full power to further enhance this presentation as per your suitability. Traders, Lead Generators, Importers/Exporters, Accountants, Sales Agents, Marketing Executives, Business Developers, etc. can bear the fruit of this offer.

All concepts approached

Coming back to the rest of the two stages of the S2P journey - invoicing and vendor management. These stages show how the product is acquired, and vendor deals are closed, at the time of making payments. You can rest assured with the delivered information since it has been simplified for the neatest and quickest understanding of the subject. Therefore, all homework has already been done for you to save your time and labor.

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