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Sprint Review PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Sprint Review PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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During each sprint, the whole team works on collecting data, producing and testing codes and software. And by the time each sprint ends, a sprint review meeting is held in which all the activities done by the team are evaluated. It is therefore crucial in gathering feedback from a team. It not only allows the team to put forth the work done by them, as well as working on how the next sprint can be handled better. This template will help you cover all of the aforementioned aspects. It will help to provide your audience with a greater understanding of how this review can help for better performance in the next sprint.

Aspects to Consider

With this sprint review PowerPoint template, you will be able to cover the various aspects that are evaluated in a sprint review. You can explain to your audience the empirical model that includes inspection, transparency, and adaptation. All these three factors work together to enable a sprint review to create a product backlog. With this set, you’ll be creating a presentation to brush up on all these important factors as well as practices that efficiently run it. So be it advance planning and inviting stakeholders, or capturing positive and negative feedback from the review, this set will help you cover all the things that need to be mentioned.

Customization and Convenience

With this template set, you will experience the freedom of convenience at its finest. This set comes with the ease of editing and customizing, all in a way that is easy enough not to require any prior experience. So even if you have never dealt with presentations before, you can use this set and create a professional level presentation that comes with a touch of your own style. You can choose between two color schemes, both of them being completely customizable, from colors to the size of the text. To top it all, the template is also compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides and Apple Keynote. So you have the further liberty to choose the platform you’re most comfortable with.

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