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Stage-Gate Process

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The stage-gate process is also commonly known as a phase-gate model. It is a widely known project management technique which involves various steps, each identified with a phase (i.e. a stage) and a gate. The phase defines the respective stage while the gate provides how it should be handled and forwarded. It might seem a simple technique, but it is extensively used to solve problems or encrypt a complex process. Due to its wide popularity and effectiveness, it has found its way in almost every industry. Now, you can also use this technique and make your audience familiar with it using our readily available Stage-gate Process PowerPoint template.

The template set consists of various ways to use the phase-gate methodology. Not just that, the entire process has been defined in an in-depth manner using different kinds of visual aids. If you are a project manager, a team lead, or a department head, then you can easily use this set to educate your audience about it in no time. From manufacturing to Information Technology and healthcare to communication - individuals belonging to almost every industry can use this set in their own way. If you are an educator, then you can easily use these PPT slides to teach your audience the respective subject in an insightful manner.

Discuss every phase of the methodology related to its development and execution. You can also explain the widely known stage-gate model by R.Cooper by taking the assistance of these high-quality slides. Teach your audience the core principle of it, the various steps involved, and how one can review the entire process. There are different kinds of diagrams, illustrations, and visual aids that will make it easier for you to cover the subject in a precise yet in-depth manner.

Download this entirely editable set right away and customize it with a single click. Easy to edit, it already comes in different color themes, so that you can pick the one that appeals the most to you. From editing its background to altering the text, you would be able to change it all in no time. Delete, add, and modify the entire set the way you like and impart a flawless touch to your next slideshow.

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