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Strategic Recruiting

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One of the most important components of an organization is its employees. They truly have the capability of making things work for the company or make things worse. Recruitment is, therefore, an essential step for any working set-up. It may seem like a simple job, to appoint a person that comes up to the mark. But the deciding factors of what exactly is the “mark” and what criteria would live up to it is not as simple. Any job that is done strategically with a proper framework of the plan is likely to give better results. This Strategic Recruiting PPT familiarizes the audience with the concept in a visually appealing manner. It will give a good idea of how the model works and how it can be beneficial to the company or organization that opts it.

How it works and how it’s done

The set will help you prepare a slideshow that will give your audience a clear understanding of how strategic recruitment works. It informs the audience of the various levels on which recruiting functions may depend, ranging from the traditional post and pry agency reliance to the present day true strategic model. The set enlists to the audience, illustratively all the steps that need to be undergone for successful recruitment. With this Strategic Recruiting PowerPoint template, you can take your time and explain how each step works and why it’s necessary not to be omitted.

The 4 KPIs

One of the main highlights of the set is the 4 KPIs of strategic recruitment. Offer acceptance rates, candidate pipeline, time to hire, and source quality are all very important deciding factors for your strategic recruiting. With our set, you will be able to brush up on the significance and role of each of these.

Customize it like your own

The set is designed by professionals, such that even if your slideshow would be pre-designed, you would still have complete control over it. From choosing your platforms between Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote to moving the illustrations, absolutely everything about the presentation is entirely in your hands. Easy to download and edit, it is a must-have template for every HR professional, manager, trainer, or related professional.

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