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Talent Mapping PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Talent Mapping PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Talent Mapping PPT Cover Slide
Talent Mapping PPT Cover Slide
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Talent mapping is the process of charting employee resources in your company according to their skillset, competencies, capabilities and potential. Mapping enables employers and human resources experts to identify groups of individuals for a role or multiple roles in the success of the company.  It Analyzes the skills of individuals and looks at their potential and where they can add value to the company now and in the future. We’ve brought you an amazing set to accomplish talent mapping with our PowerPoint template. 

Keep it simple

Charting your talent by using our talent mapping PPT allows you and your human resources staff to look at internal promotion opportunities, future hiring needs, and assessment processes with ease. There’s nothing you need to do beyond choosing your color theme, adding in your own sub-headings and unique data to create a stellar presentation that will help managers develop existing talent and potential to fill current and future needs in their departments. We’ve done all the foundation work for you. No PPT design experience is needed to create a professional presentation that you can give with confidence.

Changing Needs

As your business grows and your market share increases, your human resources need also change. With our PPT slides you’re not locked in. You can edit and revise as needed and keep your company informed and on the right path with up to date information. Our template is available for Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Apple Keynote. No matter which platform you choose, you get the same high-quality color and graphics for a beautiful presentation.

Never boring

You may be called on to present this talent mapping information over and over again to the corporate office, as well as regional and local branches of your company. This presentation will continue to be engaging and interesting no matter how many times you have to present it because you’re able to customize it for your audience every time.  Present with confidence at all levels of management because you know you’ve got a professional looking presentation that you can be proud of. We’ve made it easy for you.

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