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Leverage our TCP/IP PPT template to describe the suite of communication protocols that enable digital computers to communicate with each other over a network across long distances. Network engineers and system administrators can use this fully customizable deck to explain how this model facilitates internetworking between organizations. You can also use this set to describe what these protocols do and how the model works.

Share your content visually and impactfully with the audience, as our designers have included modern designs in this PPT and taken care of the flexibility to let you blend your own ideas and creativity. The slides are engaging, clean, and easy to read; download them now and add an innovative flair to your upcoming presentation!

What’s Inside the Deck?

  • A comprehensively-designed infographic gives a detailed overview of TCP/IP in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • A well-designed figure depicts the TCP/IP model and its architectural model coherently.
  • An infographic with an eye-catching vector depicts the layers of this model, i.e., Application Services, Transport, Internet, and Network Interface, and their function in a comprehensible manner.
  • A beautifully-designed illustration depicts the working of TCP/IP in three simple steps clearly and concisely.
  • An infographic describes TCP/IP, TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), and IP (Internet Protocol) explicitly.

About the Features

  • Fuss-free editing allows you to make easy customizations without any technical skills or external support.
  • Extensive and meticulous research by our in-house team of designers from scratch ensures that you don’t encounter any copyright breach issues.
  • Round the clock availability of the customer care desk warrants steady and consistent support.
  • Download it once to get lifetime ownership.
  • You can easily share the handout of this presentation in different file formats with your viewers.

Craft unique presentations in a short span of time with our pre-made template. Download it right away!

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