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Team Charter

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Team Charter is a simple document that is developed in a group setting that clarifies team direction while setting up some boundaries. 

Before commencing any project, it becomes crucial for a team leader to guide the team members about their responsibility and work-ethic boundaries. This helps the members get good clarity on what is expected from them and what guidelines and norms under they should work. Team Charter has proven to be an effective way of bridging the gap between a team leader and members while clearly setting up boundaries and confirming responsibilities. You can acquaint your team with this subject and its concept to promote a healthy and efficient work environment. For this, you can use our ready-to-use Team Charter PPT template to make this task easier. So, download it now. Before you check its other features, know this that you can use it lifetime just by downloading it once

Topics Covered

There are a few elements that every Team Charter presentation needs to include. It should talk about all the important points that the team needs to consider. Some of the important topics that this set covers are:

  • Creation/classification
  • Name of team members along with roles and responsibilities 
  • Mission to be accomplished
  • Objective of setting up the team 
  • Scope of the team’s work
  • Steps to increase productivity
  • The canvas
  • Elements to consider for

Along with this, you get an icon slide as well. If you think you need to add or remove the slides or edit just one slide, you can do it all. 

Edit it without Skillset

The PowerPoint template is 100% editable; thus each element of every slide can easily be edited. If you are thinking about how to customize them without any professional experience? Well, stay assured as editing the slides requires no professional experience. Our professional designers have used HD and Vector graphics in the deck. This means resizing, scaling, and recoloring them would not impact the visual quality.  

Compatible with Major Platforms

Yes, this deck works best on most of the platforms to let you deliver the presentation easily. It is compatible with applications like Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote. Not just this, there are two files of the PPT in different aspect ratios. One is the standard aspect ratio of 4:3, and the other is the widescreen aspect ratio 16:9.

Other Advantages

This set is available in two different layouts (Blue and Multicolor) to make it visually more compelling. It saves a lot of your time and effort too. Download it today, so that next time when you want to share a presentation on this subject with your colleagues, you can use this PPT instead! 

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