Technology Adoption Life Cycle

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Technology Adoption Life Cycle

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Technology Adoption Lifecycle is an extremely popular curve that describes the acceptance of any new technology in the society. To further explain the subject to your audience, you can take the assistance of this readily available Technology Adoption Lifecycle PowerPoint template. It has covered the entire lifecycle and all the major phases in a comprehensive manner. This will make your job a whole lot easier and you would be able to draft a stunning presentation in no time.

This editable set will help you while pitching a new technology or developing a cutting-edge product. It doesn’t matter if you are associated with product development or market analysis, the template can be used by you in numerous ways. Marketing gurus, researchers, project managers, strategists, subject matter experts, and all the other professionals who would like to educate their audience about the lifecycle can use these illustrations.


  1. This high-quality set features numerous styles of vector-based illustrations. These graphs have majorly depicted the technology adoption lifecycle curve.
  2. Using these illustrations, you can easily explain the curve and focus on its different phases. This will certainly save your time as you can readily use these slides.
  3. These vector-based illustrations can be included in PowerPoint presentations, Keynotes, and Google Slides.
  4. Besides doing a comprehensive analysis of the curve, you can also provide other details to your audience.
  5. Available in different color themes, it comes with a dedicated customer support.

Perform an in-depth analysis of the curve and have a thoughtful discussion with your audience. You can use these graphs on multiple occasions without worrying about any copyright issue. They are extremely easy to edit and can be customized without having any prior technical experience. You can easily include these graphs in your slideshow and make them look visually appealing.

What is a technological adoption lifecycle?

Whenever any new technology or a cutting-edge product is introduced, it goes through a certain lifecycle. The curve consists of five major stages - research & development, introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Once a new technology is introduced, it grows and attracts more customers. Gradually, it becomes outdated and sees a decline in the end. On the basis of the time frame when the technology is adopted, one can be an innovator, early adopter, early majority, late majority, or a laggard.

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