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Texas Map for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Texas Map for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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Creating a presentation discussing all the intricate details of Texas is a daunting task indeed. With several other important tasks to do, it could take you hours to build it, so download the Texas Map PPT template and save you ample time & effort. It comprises multiple slides with which you can serve your purpose well. If you want to highlight any place or region, pick the map and place the pins. Business executives and business analysts can illustrate information related to new branches, sales collection of every zone, major clients from different cities, projects running in various towns, etc. 

Tourists can explain their travel plans, easiest routes, where to visit, and other crucial details. These versatile maps can even help educators demonstrate the demographic, climatic, economic, and political conditions of this American state to students.

Take a Look at Slides

  • A map of Texas with all the major towns & cities.
  • A map of the USA highlighting the location of the state.
  • An icon of the USA flag on the left side with enough space to add content on the right.
  • A boy holding the country’s flag with text placeholders to let you insert the required information.
  • Icons of flag and map pins to mark any location clearly.
  • Weather icons to portray different climatic conditions.

With the pre-designed template, you just have to focus on content rather than design. So, download it right away!

Impeccable Features

  • You can customize the maps as per your use without any prior editing knowledge.
  • They are made from scratch to keep copyright issues at bay.
  • You can access them even on large screens without worrying about the resolution.
  • The PPT is convertible into different file formats to let you provide a handout to the audience.
  • If any technical issue arises, you can resolve it with the help of the customer support executives.

Why settle for less, if you’re getting the best. Download the template right away!

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