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Time to Market

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Making a product available for the consumer in the market requires a lot of processes. Time to market (TTM) is a term for the duration between the ideation of a product to its ultimate marketing. With our fully editable time to market PowerPoint template, you illustrate before your audience, the science behind the subject. There are many factors and variables involved to make a closer calculation of TTM for a product. The set of slides introduces all of them and also crucial insights related to the topic. It is available for quick download with stunning two-color variants and can be displayed as well on Google Slides and Apple Keynote as well.

Conceptual clarity, right in your hands

Concepts such as reaction time, cycle time, lead time are covered in the layout. With the dynamic visual aid of the time to market PPT, you will be able to educate your audience with the chain of ideating, building, deploying, and utilization of a product. Layout’s simplified designs are easy to grasp, and they concisely depict how scalability and transparency affect the process. The designs also exemplify how some companies reach a point where they cannot manage processes in accordance with TTM.

Get creative and customize!

Important practices that help in reducing the time to market are also described in the layout. The high-definition presentation template can be personalized completely. Visuals of this professional-looking, informative set of slides are based on a vector-base. You can literally rescale, reshape, reform, recolor, reorder resize any of the graphical elements without losing the upscale look. The provided knowledge in text form can also be altered in a similar fashion. And all of these adjustments can be achieved with the use of basic PowerPoint skills. 

All the facets observed

All you have to do is just type the sub-headlines and tweak wherever you find it necessary, and you are equipped to impact your audience. Product developers, service providers, project managers and supervisors, team leaders, managers, students, and teachers into management studies, etc. all can familiarize themselves with the underpinnings of this concept. The set of slides explains how markets can be cracked, markets where goods or services move fast, and are expired and renewed soon. The advantages and disadvantages surrounding the subject have also been denoted in the slides. 

Wait, there’s even more for you

Impress your audience with remarkably neat visuals that offer a clear understanding of how it is essential in production. Slides represent measures, sub-concepts, terms, and factors driving the time to market dynamics on graphs such as time vs. efforts, time vs. revenue, time vs. resource, etc. A bonus slide carrying all the essential icons for the entire PPT is also a part of the package. 

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