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Tokyo Map

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The most populous city in Japan, Tokyo is truly a region of international repute and significance. The capital and the wealthiest city of Japan, it is the home of around 9.2 million residents. Though, the metropolitan area of Greater Tokyo has the population of over 37 million people, making it the most populous metro in the world. It is one of the most advanced cities in the world with a diverse and cosmopolitan culture. It is also the home of 51 Fortune top 500 global companies, making it one of the wealthiest cities in the world with a GDP of over $2 trillion. Founded way back in 1603, it was originally known as Edo. Today, the city is divided into 23 wards and 4 sub-prefectures.

Simply take the assistance of this professionally designed Tokyo Map PowerPoint Template to draft an aesthetically pleasing Presentation. You can use the entire set the way it is or can also clip out the slides of your choice to be included in any other document. It comprises of high definition vectors and maps that are designed by our experts. If your organization is associated with any other firm that is based out of this region, then this would be a highly useful set for you. By taking the assistance of these maps, you would be able to win over your clients for sure. Additionally, educators and students can also use the set to draft an informative slideshow and present their data in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Use these readily available maps and save your time and efforts while drafting a winning slideshow. You can easily take the assistance of these maps to depict any kind of information related to the region. From presenting anything related to its demographics to the way various regions are connected, one can do it all with this set. Besides providing a view of all the wards of the city, we have also included some of its major landmarks as well. Furthermore, to make things easier for you, we have included vectors related to communication, weather, geography, and more.

Easy to download and edit, these maps will certainly help you depict your data related to Tokyo in no time. Simply zoom out the region of your choice or edit any illustration with a single click. From changing the overall layout of these maps to providing your content, everything can be done without having any prior knowledge of designing. Take the assistance of this editable template right away and draft the kind of presentation that would be remembered by your audience for sure.

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