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Tools Icons

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Too many times, while presenting a slideshow, we fall short of the right icons to use. While presentation tools offer some inbuilt vectors, they often don’t meet our professional requirements. To provide an ideal fix, our designers have come up with this set of Tool Icons that will assist you in drafting your next slideshow like a pro.

Pick the perfect icon for your needs

If you draft slideshows on a regular basis, then you might fall short of vectors to choose from. Now, with these Tools Icons PPT slides, you can expand your resource and pick just the perfect vector for your slideshows. The set features all kinds of commonly used tools related to different domains like hammers, drills, screws, gears, chisel, paintbrush, and so on. Therefore, you can easily get the perfect visual aid that you deserve while drafting your next document.

Fit for every profession

Since these tools have a universal appeal, they can be used by individuals belonging to different professions easily. If you are related to construction, maintenance, hardware, or any other related domain, then these icons would certainly come handy to you. If you are related to project management, human resources, analysis, education, and other domains, then these tools can be used as an analogy or metaphor for different things as well.

100% editable and easy to use

Even if you have no prior designing experience, you would be able to use these vectors as per your professional needs. That is, you can alter their overall appearance, color, size, and so on without any trouble. You can use these icons with MS PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides pretty easily. Since they are available in different color themes, you can further save your time in editing and pick the theme as per your requirements.

Be sure to impress your audience

With the help of these editable vectors, you can easily elevate the overall visual appeal of your slides. You can take any tool icon from this set and include it in the slideshows of your choice. This will not only make your slides look way more interesting but would also impress your audience as well. 

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