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Triz Methodology

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TRIZ Methodology, which is also commonly known as "theory of the resolution of invention-related tasks" is a well-renowned and highly-critiqued problem-solving and forecasting tool used in a wide range of fields and domains, to analyze a problem and predict the future pattern. Developed by Genrich Altshuller and his colleagues in 1946, the methodology has seen a radical implementation in the present, helping professionals to predict future patterns and solving various business problems. It includes a practical approach to problem-solving on the basis of knowledge generation and system analysis. According to TRIZ methodology, it has been discovered that a same range of problems is found in different industries and domains. Therefore, the problem falls into the same pattern over and over again. In order to improve the results, scientific patterns that are found beyond the domain can be used.

Our Triz Methodology PowerPoint template is ideal for business analysts, researchers, scientists, academicians, finance experts, and more. It can help you devise the solution of your problem in a seamless manner, by exploiting all possible scenarios or cases. Predict the market trends, financial forecasting, scientific results and more with this state of an art presentation that has been drafted after an extensive research. Starting from the basics, the presentation explores the concept, its evolution, implementation strategy, flowchart, algorithm invention and more. The template set will help you learn and explain the effectiveness of TRIZ, different methods of problem-solving that vary from one industry to another, the process of creative problem solving, and more with the help of its neat graphics and informative illustrations that can be edited without any hassle.

The presentation can be presented to your colleagues, executives or other clients, by helping you provide them an extensive demonstration of your work and case studies. If you are a student and would like to explore TRIZ methodology in detail, then the presentation will surely help you grasp the fundamentals and inspire you to work on a case study. As it is based on technology and not psychology, it can help every professional to provide a rational and pragmatic explanation for their prediction.

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