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User Journey PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

User Journey PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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(9 Editable Slides)

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User Journey PowerPoint template is a fully customizable deck of professionally-designed slides that can be used to visually present the customer’s experience with the product/brand over a while and across different channels. This set is quite useful for product managers, digital marketing executives, sales managers, customer success managers, and various other professionals. Marketing and UX managers can leverage it to illustrate the strategies to improve the product design, user experience, and much more to their teams. 

Our designers have meticulously designed this deck to fulfill your requirements for a professional presentation that reflects a modern approach. This deck of content-ready slides, featuring high definition icons and infographics, comprises various crucial insights about the subject matter. The high-definition graphics and stunning infographics will make it convenient for the audience to retain critical information for a longer duration of time. Our template is available with separate files for Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. So, download it now!

Significant Highlights of the User Journey PPT 

You can easily make your viewers dive deeper into this topic with various illustrations, diagrams, and infographics that we have included in this set. Below is the glimpse of all the topics that we have covered:

  • A diagram beautifully illustrating the various elements, i.e., goal, scope, actions/tasks, emotions and pain points, opportunities for improvements, touchpoints across different channels in different time phases.
  • A circle-shaped diagram depicts the entire lifecycle and activities of users in each phase.
  • Five stages of the marketing funnel, from introduction to conversion, have been presented in a comprehensible manner to help you illustrate the entire process of converting leads into loyal customers.
  • The segmentation of the customers on the basis of the sources through which they have reached your website has been impressively portrayed through an illustration comprising curved arrows and rectangular boxes.
  • A graphical representation of the feelings of the users.
  • A table diagram depicts vital elements of the customer journey map, incorporated with a timeline and text placeholders to present different scenarios and expectations of users. 
  • Parallel timeline infographic with vector icons is showing the journey of different users in an understandable manner. 
  • A table with multiple rows provides a holistic view of different stages of the user’s journey, activities, feelings, experience, and expectations. 

A Feature-Rich PPT 

Scaling and recoloring the visual elements is fuss-free, and does not require any prior editing experience. You can easily use it in your current or future presentations. As the set has been designed from scratch after thorough research, you will not come across copyright issues. 

Hurry up! Download the spellbinding template now and put across your message in a meaningful way to help your audience quickly grab the key takeaways!

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