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In today’s world, our values can have a huge impact on our actions. Thus, it is important to align the value of an organization and its leaders. To throw some light on this crucial topic, you can use this readily available Value Based Leadership PowerPoint template. Visually appealing and well-researched, the template will let you cover the subject in an extensive manner.


When the values of an employee and an organization are aligned, it forms the basis of a value-based leadership. Therefore, a firm's mission, vision, goals, strategy, and other values are all represented through the values and ethics of its leader. When organizational leadership is combined with personal actions and interpersonal behaviors, it forms a value-based leadership.

Major features

Since this topic is so important, you should take the necessary measures to educate your audience about it. This editable template has covered the subject in an extensive manner. Besides discussing the major components, you can compare it with the traditional model and further explain the journey that a firm should take to attain it.

From distinguishing it with a materialistic based leadership model to explaining its foundation and constraints - you can do it all with these high-definition illustrations. Different kinds of vector-based graphics are used in this set to help you explain the subject in a visually appealing manner.

The template can be used by company owners, entrepreneurs, project heads, HR executives, consultants, educators, and almost every other individual who wants to draft an informative slideshow on the topic.

How to use it?

Not only great to look at, the template is also extremely easy to edit. With just a single click, you can alter its look, change its background, add your own content, delete anything, and make the needed customizations. This is because the entire set is based on vector-based illustrations that are extremely easy to edit.

The template is compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. It also comes in different color themes so that you can just pick the one that suits your requirements. Although it can be used readily, you can freely make any changes in no time. Furthermore, it comes with a dedicated customer support to provide an instant assistance to its users.

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