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Venture Capital PowerPoint and Google Slides Template


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Venture capital refers to funding that is made for a new or growing business. Venture capitalists invest in such companies and take on the risk of financing start-ups with the hope that the company they are investing in will be successful. These firms provide this funding to start-ups in exchange for equity in the organization.

Provides capitalists with a comprehensive business plan     

This template set provides venture capitalists with a comprehensive business plan clearly outlining proposal size, company management, investment recovery, financial projections, and competitive advantage. This helps them make sure that their shareholders are aware of the risk and the potential profit that can be gained from a particular project. Our Venture Capital PowerPoint template clearly outlines the early stage financing that will be required as well as the later stage financing including bridge financing and buy-outs.

Helpful for educational purposes

This set can also be used in educational institutions. It helps teachers and professors show their students its importance. It can help them realize the impact on economic growth, the increase in employment growth, and how it supports the innovation process. 

Highly customizable

What makes our PPT slides applicable to a wide range of industries is that they are highly customizable and easily downloadable. You can add your own text to make your stakeholders better understand your position. You can also modify colors, change the font, and resize each slide to suit your requirement.

Available on various platforms

With our template, you can easily communicate your viewpoint as they are very easy to understand. Moreover, they are available on Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides and Apple Keynote thus making them highly applicable.

Two color theme

Colors can greatly influence the attention of viewers. This set is available in two attractive colors thus giving you a choice to pick one that you find most suited to your needs.

Best visuals

Our template has been designed with the best visuals thus allowing you to make a presentation that is not only appealing but crystal clear as well. You can use them easily even if you do not have a lot of experience in presentation designing. Use our pre-designed PPT slides to make your presentation like a pro!

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