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Problem-solving and decision making are parts of our everyday lives, both professional and personal. Though different problems require different solutions, it is good to have a common model that can help us solve the majority of our problems. Z model was developed to assist in making decisions and solving problems. You can educate your audience about the dynamics of this model with our completely customizable Z model PowerPoint template

A-Z description of the model

The high-definition Z model PPT initiates the comprehension of the model by describing its four vital factors. These are sensing, intuition, thinking, and feeling. These factors ask us what our facts are, what are our options, what is the criteria for our choices, and how will it affect the people involved. The layout covers these important questions and methods to reach solutions. You can forward this mechanism to your audience with neatly pre-designed graphics. The visuals also illustrate the pros and cons of logical, emotional, behavioral, and habitual elements linked with the Z model.

Personalize and put it forward

The slides are thoroughly customizable since it is visually vector-based. This simply means that without worrying about high-definition quality loss, you can make edits. Yes, you can rescale, reshape, move, recolor, reform, any of the objects, icons, symbols, etc. as per your needs. Not just the looks, you can also adjust the textual content at will, just edit or add any information that you feel would be valuable for the next session. You can tweak the set of slides with basic PowerPoint skills.

Pay it forward

By using this set of slides, educators, and learners who have taken up management studies, managers, supervisors, strategists, think tanks, planners, team leaders, all can observe the advantage. Besides the explanation of the four steps, the slides cover the pros and cons of the model as well. The template also mentions the sub-factors of the four vital elements; sensing, intuition, thinking and feeling. Your audience can gain insights and a sense of how modern organizations and groups approach real-world problem-solving.


Avail this PPT in two captivating colors and enjoy its cross-platform slideshow compatibility with Apple Keynote and Google Slides. Type your sub-headlines and tweak wherever necessary, and in no time, an impactful, visually remarkable PowerPoint presentation is in your hands. Save your time and labor that you were thinking to put in to create a powerful presentation from scratch. So, grab the template and offer your audience an exceptional presentational experience.

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