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6 Free PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates to Ace Your Winter Presentations

6 Free PowerPoint and Google Slides Themes for Your Next Winter Presentation

One of the best ways to make your presentations memorable and stunning is by using themes related to the environment around you. It helps you establish an emotional connect with the audience and adds a fun element to your slides.

Well, when it comes to winters, using templates that depict the season can be extremely helpful in communicating ideas. While the task of crafting such slides from scratch seems burdensome and can be quite time-taking, you can use free expert-designed templates for your presentations and leave your audience awestruck.

Winter Theme

If you are looking for a template that is dynamic and can fit into presentations related to winter vacation, travel, and adventure tourism, this template is the correct fit for you!

With a bespoke backdrop of blue tints along with snowflakes, this template will instill a nostalgic feeling among your audience if you present your information through it. The slides in this deck are the best bet to display must-visit tourist destinations in the cold season, winter delicacies, winter music and bonfire, winter discount sale, and a lot more.

Snowy Mountain Theme

This template deck has an exquisite design, curated with blends of white and ice blue colors. With stunning illustrations of ice sports, topography, and fauna, it is extremely versatile and can be used strategically for multiple uses.

It can be used as an amazing visual aid by educators and travel and tour operators to impart knowledge about geographical conditions, colder climates, types of snow mountains, winter sports, adventure activities, the temperature in various regions, etc.

Ice Skating Theme

If you are an ice skating trainer or own an academy, this template is one of the best tools for you to easily impart knowledge to your audience about your academy and its services. It comes with graphics of a skating rink, figurines, and much more.

You can use this deck in your presentations to highlight various pieces of information, like ice skating services, the history of ice skating, facts and figures about the sport, rates and timing of the activity, and much more.

Christmas Day Theme

This deck has been crafted with the iconic color of Christmas, red. With illustrations of Santa Claus, reindeer, X-mas trees, and much more, using this template is one of the best ways to make your presentation absolutely mindblowing.

You can use this template to highlight facts and stories of how, why, and when Christmas is celebrated, enlist the itineraries or schedule for Christmas celebrations at home, school, or work, give information about Christmas tree decorations, etc.

Merry Christmas Theme

Set a mood for the festivities and celebrations of Christmas with this amazing Merry Christmas template. Featuring infographics of Santa Claus, candy cane, Christmas tree, etc., this set is a proper visual tool for displaying your holiday plans, ideas about Christmas Eve games, family traditions during Christmas, fun itineraries for the week, and much more.

Winter Sports Theme

You know it is time to get an adrenaline hike with some adventurous sports when it’s snowing and freezing outside! Winter sport activities become the talk of the town as soon as it begins to snow.

This template is adorned with infographics of winter sports activities, such as ice hockey, sledding, ice skating, etc. You can use these slides to educate the audience about different types of winter sports, highlighting the required equipment and necessary precautions for each sport, sports taught by your sports academy, etc.


Presentations are an amazing visual aid to mesmerize your audience and help them grab your information effortlessly. We hope the free presentation templates mentioned in this blog post help you craft your next winter presentation. Using these decks, you can educate the audience about the fun, festivities, adventures, and sports of the winter season. So, give these slides some space in your next presentations and ace the show!

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