Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Presentation Design

Mistakes to avoid in PPT
Presentation Design

7 Things to Avoid at All Costs with Your PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Slides are a bit like fire: they can either really help a situation (as in heating your house and cooking your food) or really hurt a situation (as in burning down an entire forest or town). In this way, determining how helpful or harmful PowerPoint will be has little...
Avoid Presentation Mistakes
Presentation Design

Visual Presentations: 5 Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

If the visual presentations that accompany more than 90 percent of the world’s speeches could be dismantled and crushed into tiny pills for insomniacs, every continent would be full of well-rested people. Sadly, we continue to blame the tools, not the carpenters. We say PowerPoint is boring, Prezi is no...
Design Tips
PowerPoint TipsPresentation Design

Design Tips for Beautiful Presentations

A presentation plays an important role in both business and education, considering how it can boost our retention. When we read something, we retain approximately 20% of the material, however, when videos, images, and audio feed are involved, the amount of retained information rises up to 60% and even higher....
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