Presentation Tips

Get Rid of Terrible Public Speaking Experience
Presentation Tips

6 Tips to Get Rid of Terrible Public Speaking Experience

Gosh! My audience must think I lack the knowledge, and I am an unprofessional speaker. Oh! I must lose credibility with my audience. Such thoughts are obvious to hover in your mind when you screw up your presentation big time and end up delivering a catastrophic public speech despite you...
10 P's of Public Speaking
Presentation Tips

Master the Art of Public Speaking with These 10 P’s

Public speaking is a vital skill for business owners, potential entrepreneurs, marketing and sales executives, coaches, trainers, and all the individuals related to professional services. It gives an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, establish yourself as the thought leader and influencer in your professional network, and create your own...
Presentation Research
Presentation Tips

How to Research for Your Presentation Like a Boss!

Giving a presentation is no easy feat. Whether you’ve been tapped to speak at your organization’s annual sales convention or are presenting to a group of prospective clients, every good presentation starts at the same place – research. Research is what will help you to not only choose the right...
Market Yourself as Public Speaker
Presentation Tips

5 Ways to Market Yourself as a Public Speaker

All new entrepreneurs share a similar journey. They’ve spent months and even years planning their business and developing their products. Time and money went into building a website and hiring the right on-site staff. The day finally arrives when they can cut the ribbon and finally OPEN for business. Well,...
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