Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Presentation Tips

Virtual Presentation
Presentation Tips

5 Tips to Present Like a Pro at Your Next Virtual Presentation

What would be your reaction if you come to know that your audience was busy checking social media, reading emails, and doing text messages while you were delivering a virtual presentation? It’s really dismaying if you fail to grab the attention of your audience despite pulling out all the stops...
Head Movements in Presentation
Presentation Tips

Importance of Head Movements in Public Speaking

Consider it’s the first day at the office, and the boss suddenly asks you to deliver a presentation. Bummer! Unnerving, isn’t it? Well, public speaking can be a taxing experience but, if you know your basics right, you can steal the show. Body language plays an indispensable role in public...
10 P's of Public Speaking
Presentation Tips

Master the Art of Public Speaking with These 10 P’s

Public speaking is a vital skill for business owners, potential entrepreneurs, marketing and sales executives, coaches, trainers, and all the individuals related to professional services. It gives an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, establish yourself as the thought leader and influencer in your professional network, and create your own...
Presentation Research
Presentation Tips

How to Research for Your Presentation Like a Boss!

Giving a presentation is no easy feat. Whether you’ve been tapped to speak at your organization’s annual sales convention or are presenting to a group of prospective clients, every good presentation starts at the same place – research. Research is what will help you to not only choose the right...
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