Presentation Tips

4 tips to present like a pro over video conference
Presentation Tips

4 Tips to Present Like a Pro Over Video Conference

With the outbreak of Covid-19, the global business has got considerably affected in the last few months. The ban on travel during global lockdown made virtual meetings more of a necessity than a convenience. As they say, every problem has an opportunity; video conferencing has emerged as a business savior...
10 Smart Tips to Wrap up your Presentation
Presentation Tips

10 Smart Ways to Wrap-Up Your Presentation

What do you remember most about a great dinner you had at your friend’s home the last time? Most of you would answer the appetizer and dessert. Undoubtedly, your friend has painstakingly prepared a delectable meal for you; you would remember the delicacies served at the starting and end of...
Head Movements in Presentation
Presentation Tips

Importance of Head Movements in Public Speaking

Consider it’s the first day at the office, and the boss suddenly asks you to deliver a presentation. Bummer! Unnerving, isn’t it? Well, public speaking can be a taxing experience but, if you know your basics right, you can steal the show. Body language plays an indispensable role in public...
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