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Public Speaking Tips for Small Business
Presentation Tips

6 Valuable Tips for Small Business Owners to Master the Art of Public Speaking

Are you one among those whose hands quiver as they adjust the microphone and legs wobble as they approach the podium? Does the thought of addressing a large audience make your palm sweat and heart pound fast? If so, it’s the indication that you have a fear of public speaking. ...
Presentation Research
Presentation Tips

How to Research for Your Presentation Like a Boss!

Giving a presentation is no easy feat. Whether you’ve been tapped to speak at your organization’s annual sales convention or are presenting to a group of prospective clients, every good presentation starts at the same place – research. Research is what will help you to not only choose the right...
Market Yourself as Public Speaker
Presentation Tips

5 Ways to Market Yourself as a Public Speaker

All new entrepreneurs share a similar journey. They’ve spent months and even years planning their business and developing their products. Time and money went into building a website and hiring the right on-site staff. The day finally arrives when they can cut the ribbon and finally OPEN for business. Well,...
Confidence in Public Speaking
Presentation Tips

Why Confidence is Important in Public Speaking

More and more business owners are trying their hand at public speaking and for good reason: speaking at industry events is a great way to become known as an expert in your field and get your message in front of large crowds. But those new to public speaking know that...
Speak with Authority
Presentation Tips

Public Speaking Hacks: How to Speak with Authority

Being a leader means being someone that people listen to. It means having a voice, both literally and figuratively, that inspires and motivates people to take action. Why is this important? Because all businesses, no matter the industry or vertical, are dependent on how consumers perceive them. Revenue is directly...
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