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PowerPoint Design Tips and Tricks
PowerPoint Tips

50+ PowerPoint Design Tips and Tricks Every Beginner and Expert Should Know

What are some smart PowerPoint tips that can help me ace my next presentation? If a similar query has brought you here, then this would probably be the last guide that you will read. PowerPoint by Microsoft is the most popular tool to create all sorts of presentations. Initially released...
PowerPoint Tricks
PowerPoint Tips

Five PowerPoint Tricks that Nobody Talks About

PowerPoint has been around for more than two decades, so long that nobody in the millennial generation can even imagine listening to a lecture or giving their own presentation without it. Despite its longevity, the way most people use it is surprisingly unchanged. Slides have either dark backgrounds with white...
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Design Tips for Beautiful Presentations

A presentation plays an important role in both business and education, considering how it can boost our retention. When we read something, we retain approximately 20% of the material, however, when videos, images, and audio feed are involved, the amount of retained information rises up to 60% and even higher....
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