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From Boring to Awesome Presentation
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Use Icons to Turn a Mind-Numbingly Boring PowerPoint Presentation into an Awesome One

If you are reading this blog post, chances are you (and your audience) have been a victim of one or more mind-numbingly boring PowerPoint presentations. You know, those presentations where you have slide after slide of nothing but bullet points. Besides being incredibly dull to look at, when you have...
design tips for beautiful presentations
PowerPoint TipsPresentation Design

Design Tips for Beautiful Presentations

A presentation plays an important role in both business and education, considering how it can boost our retention. When we read something, we retain approximately 20% of the material, however, when videos, images, and audio feed are involved, the amount of retained information rises up to 60% and even higher....
30 helpful tips for using powerpoint
PowerPoint Tips

30 Helpful Tips for Using PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a powerful tool. In fact, it has many features that can help your presentation clear and effective. Because it is somewhat complex, it may take you a time to acquaint yourself with all it can do. Following is a list of a few out of the many things...
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