Avatar PowerPoint & Google Slides Templates


Avatars for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Enhance and personalize the overall look and feel of your business presentations by incorporating our Avatars for PowerPoint and Google Slides. The eye-pleasing avatars will make your content more engaging and memorable, giving it a human touch.

Our well-curated collection boasts a wide range of avatars of businessmen, businesswomen, people of different ethnicities, sports persons, engineers, students, female customers, employees, male supervisors, pilots, old people, police, programmers, etc. You can choose and download all the avatar PPTs that match the goals and context of your presentations.

There are multiple uses of avatar icons and graphics. HR managers can use them in their diversity training and onboarding presentations to depict their cross-cultural environment. Marketing professionals can use these avatars in their sales pitches and product demonstration presentations to represent the ideal customer persona, needs, and pain points of different customer segments, etc. 

Senior executives can use them in their corporate presentations to showcase customers, employees, and stakeholders. Avatars can also be used in online presentations, meetings, video conferences, and webinars as your virtual representation. Educators can use these avatars in their academic presentations to narrate a visual story around a complex topic.

Get these PPTs right away to liven up your virtual presentations, product demonstrations, educational content, and more!


  • Customizing the avatars according to the requirements of your presentations is easy.
  • All the avatars are designed in high definition to ensure the best visual quality on all screens.
  • Each slide is an exclusive and original creation to avoid copyright complications.
  • You can trust our 24/7 customer support to resolve your issues and concerns in the quickest possible time.