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Social Media Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

There was a time when establishing a direct line of communication between customers and brands was quite challenging. The advent of social media platforms bridged this gap dramatically, making it easy for organizations to build meaningful relations with customers. Discuss with your team what other benefits this computer-mediated technology has brought, leveraging our easy-to-use Social Media templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides. Using them, you can explain the social media concepts to the intended audience in a visually engaging manner. You can also represent the performance of your businesses’ social channels in easily digestible snippets.

As the decks are completely customizable, each and every attribute of any slide - size, color, shading, etc. can be easily edited. The visual objects can be flawlessly moved throughout the slides. The content in the text placeholder can be replaced with the desired information. You won’t require extensive skills or technical knowledge to make modifications. Moreover, these ready-made PPTs come with an innovative and professional finish to save your precious time and effort. Download them right away!


Importance of Social Media for Businesses

As of January 2020, there were 3.80 billion social media users worldwide. It is evident from this stat how powerful this platform is for engaging with existing and potential customers. A strong presence on social networks has become the need of the hour for businesses of all sizes, be it a multinational firm or a startup. Social networks provide two-way communication where companies can directly interact with customers to know their requirements, expectations, and feedback. Likewise, the customers can communicate with the brands in real-time to understand their vision, values, proposition, and promises. 

With the help of our Social Media slides, you can guide your team on how to capitalize on your online digital presence to create brand awareness, boost lead generation, and improve brand loyalty. The high-resolution infographics will spell magic on the audience’s mind and leave them enthralled. These templates featuring stunning PowerPoint infographics and beautiful color schemes are just what you might like for your business presentations. Download them now!

Who can Use these Decks?

Startup owners, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, digital marketing heads, influencer marketing specialists, content marketers, social media strategists, and senior professionals from various domains can use these power-packed, high-definition illustrations to illustrate:

  • social media optimization and marketing plan
  • KPIs and progress of the social campaigns
  • return on investment (ROI) or overall traffic
  • analysis of competitors’ social media strategy
  • average engagement rate, the potential reach of the posts, and virality rate
  • content plan for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms
  • strategies to nurture customers and convert them into a true brand advocate
  • company’s sales and revenue through social channels, etc.

Impressive Features

  • To keep copyright infringement issues at bay, all slides have been designed from scratch.
  • The excellent optical quality on screens of all sizes is assured.
  • Download them once and get their ownership for a lifetime.

With such high-quality PPT templates available off the shelf, you need not invest your time in designing your slides afresh. So, download them instantly without a second thought!

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