Infographics for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Our entirely customizable Infographics templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides are perfect additions to the business, marketing, and other presentations for the visual representation of the complex data and information so that the audience can retain it quickly. The experienced designers at SketchBubble have crafted the decks keeping the latest design trends and requirements of the presenter and audience in mind. 

Startup owners, sales and marketing executives, business analysts, HRs, talent acquisition managers, educators, researchers, and professionals from IT, accounts and finance, manufacturing, production, operations, and other departments will find our PPTs quite helpful. Download them now and overwhelm your audience!


Benefits of Using Infographics in Your Presentations

  • Infographics are more impactful than textual information.
  • As infographics are visually compelling, they can serve as an effective aid to beautify your presentations, demonstrate your knowledge, convince and persuade the audience.
  • These visual aids help you better resonate and connect with your audience, enabling them to understand and remember the information easily.
  • They let you convey more information with less content.
  • Figures, numbers, and statistics can be flawlessly represented through infographics.
  • You can beautifully showcase the differences, similarities, and comparisons.

Usages of the Templates

Some of the major usages of the sets are as follows.

Business professionals can use them to showcase:

  • roadmap to success
  • comparisons of their market share and growth with the competitors
  • marketing strategies for various demographies
  • revenue generation from different business units
  • 360-degree profile and buying behavior of customers
  • minutes of the meeting
  • the result of the survey, and much more

HRs can leverage them for displaying:

  • hiring plan and strategies to recruit the right candidates
  • competencies and skills matrix for promotion
  • strategies to achieve career goals and climb the ladder of growth
  • growth plan for the staff and organization

Likewise, educators can use them to illustrate complicated topics in simpler ways, making learning fun for students. Travelers can utilize the decks to explain their travel plans.

Salient Features

  • The decks have been furnished with all the components to give them a professional look and help you deliver a winning slideshow.
  • The infographics are HD and vector-based, so there will be no impact on the resolution, no matter how much you edit them.
  • Separate files in two different aspect ratios (4:3 and 16:9) offer the best compatibility with standard and widescreens.
  • You can also download the decks with separate files for major presentation mediums - Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.
  • Editing the slides is easy; you can do it without any technical expertise. You have full control to resize and recolor any element. You can also add the content to the text placeholders and change the color, size, and style of the fonts.
  • As every single element has been crafted from scratch, you can present without worrying about the copyright issues.
  • All the templates are available in two striking color layouts - blue and multicolor.

Download the remarkable Infographics PPTs right away, and they will be completely yours forever!

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