Environment Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Business activities and human interference have negatively impacted the environment. The protection of the environment is the responsibility of not only the government; rather, it’s a collective duty of businesses, industries, and all citizens. So, everyone must be aware of how to save the mother earth from the ill effects of water and air pollution, deforestation, excessive use of harmful chemicals, etc. Here, our entirely customizable Environment templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides can be of great help. Using these visually stunning decks, you can beautifully illustrate the issues related to the environment, measures to prevent/overcome those issues, methods to save the planet, and much more.

Our experienced designers have adorned the PPTs with the required elements to give them a professional and creative look. The stunning color combinations and striking shading effects make it easy for the audience to understand the concept and retain it for longer. Further, the vector-based and high-definition graphics render the sets impeccable quality and keep their resolution undisturbed on all screens. So, don’t delay in downloading the feature-rich slides!


Who can Use these Decks?

Business Professionals

For illustrating:

  • commitment to using eco-friendly materials in the manufacturing and packaging of products
  • commitment to creating a work culture where every employee is driven by the responsibility to save the planet
  • corporate social responsibility towards the protection of the environment 
  • methods to reduce carbon emission in the organization
  • ways to minimize waste, such as turning lights off when not in use, reducing unnecessary use of paper and printing, encouraging employees to bring reusable water bottles and mugs from home
  • energy management policies
  • the benefits of going green, etc.


For explaining and creating awareness about:

  • waste management system to reduce the degradation of the environment
  • ways to conserve and utilize the natural resources optimally
  • impact of air pollution on climate and weather 
  • techniques to save rainwater and prevent depletion of soil
  • contribution of businesses in environmental protection, etc.


For educating the students about:

  • the difference between renewable and non-renewable sources of energy
  • the ill effects of deforestation and pollution, such as greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion, global warming, etc.
  • human activities and their impact on the environment
  • health issues that arise with climate change, etc.

Embellished with Elegant Features

  • The presentation templates are 100% editable. You can easily make the changes in the color and size of the fonts and visual elements, alter the content, add/remove the slides, and do other modifications without external support.
  • You can use any of the sets in your existing or future presentations.
  • The sets are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.
  • Get the ownership of the decks for a lifetime and use them the way you want after downloading once.

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