2 Steps

2 Step Diagrams for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Get our 2 Step Diagram Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides to streamline the flow of information in your presentations and make it easy for the audience to understand it. Creative and timeless, the aesthetically pleasing templates are incorporated with entirely editable slides. As the decks are pre-designed, you won’t have to invest time and exert effort in designing them afresh. Designed with great precision, diligence, and sincerity, these PowerPoint templates have all the elements required to deliver winning and convincing slideshows. 


A Quick Look at the Usages

These ready-to-use 2 Step PPTs are the best pick to illustrate any model, strategy, process, or concept in just two simple phases. Ideal for professionals from all walks of lives - business, finance, education, research, etc., these diagrams can be used to showcase assessment and recommendation, cause and effect, pros and cons, and much more in a single slide. Besides these, you can represent the following topics in an engaging manner:

  • 2 options or alternatives
  • Comparison of two features/products
  • Two factors affecting the business profitability/performance/productivity
  • Interconnection between two elements 
  • Two focus points of a project/marketing campaign/strategy
  • Two goals to achieve by a specified time
  • Benefits and concerns
  • 2 point strategy
  • 2 core values
  • 2 stage process
  • 2 contradictory opinions
  • 2 phase project, and much more

Striking Features

  • Any customization or modification in the size, color, and placement of objects won’t affect the quality and resolution of visuals.
  • Leverage their benefits in your future presentations by downloading the PPTs just once.
  • You are not required to have technical prowess to use the slides, as they are extremely user-friendly.

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