Stage Diagrams

Stage Diagrams for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Download our entirely customizable Stage Diagrams template for PowerPoint and Google Slides to illustrate the agenda of the meeting, the sequence of a procedure, the interrelation between resources and tasks, chronological order of various activities and tasks of a project, and much more.

The diagrams and infographics have been designed using vector-based and high-definition graphics to let you present on all screen sizes without worrying about copyright issues and resolution. You can use any visual elements or slide from any of the templates in your existing presentation to make it information-rich, meaningful, and captivating.


Multiple Usages for Different Professionals

Our templates are ideal for all professionals related to business, education, research, finance, etc. Below we have highlighted some of the usages of these uniquely-designed decks.

Entrepreneurs and Startup Owners

For illustrating:

  • negative and positive aspects of a business process 
  • pros and cons of implementing a strategy or choosing a specific alternative
  • strength and weakness of a particular team/department
  • comparison of the performance of different business units
  • ups and downs in the prices of the company's share 
  • growth or reduction in the market value of a product

Marketing Managers

For showcasing:

  • stages of customer buying journey: awareness, consideration, purchase, retention, advocacy
  • marketing campaigns during various stages of the customer journey
  • comparison of the features of two or more products
  • impact of brand on business value
  • effective plans for pricing, promotion mix, and distribution of products
  • consumer decision journey

Sales Managers

For explaining:

  • stages of sales funnel: awareness, attraction, interest, purchase, delight
  • ways to generate more sales qualified leads
  • principles of quality management
  • the innovative process to improve sales

Business Development Heads

For representing:

  • auditing plan depicting various stages, such as planning, performance, reporting, etc.
  • phases of the business cycle: peak, trough, contraction, and expansion
  • stages of business development in new territories or untapped markets
  • pros and cons of expanding business in the new market
  • steps of customer value analysis
  • profit & loss of a business unit
  • data analytics process

Project Managers

For depicting:

  • implementation process in project
  • completed and incomplete tasks of a project
  • the timeline of significant milestones, activities, or events
  • periodic report of a project

Team Leaders

For demonstrating:

  • decision-making, problem-solving, and effective communication process
  • the process to attain goals, achieve the milestones, improve skills, enhance customer service
  • correct and incorrect practice to complete any task
  • stages of team development

Human Resource Managers

For portraying:

  • stages of resource planning: preparation of inventory, evaluation, planning for the exploitation of resources
  • organizational structure and hierarchy
  • employee recruitment and onboarding plan
  • phases of the employee development plan

Splendid Features

  • All the PPTs are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.
  • You can easily change the color and size of the visual elements and text, add/remove the slides and objects, and make other edits as per your requirements without any external aid.
  • You get complete ownership and control to use them the way you want, once you download them. 

Download our Stage Diagrams PPTs to take your presentations a notch higher and enthrall your audience!

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