Industry Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Download our aesthetically-pleasing Industry templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides to illustrate all the operational, functional, and managerial aspects of the industry you are working in. From supplier diversity to purchasing strategies, from workplace safety to operations transformation, you can present a wide range of topics in a visually impressive manner, using our entirely customizable decks.

The user-friendliness and ease-of-use of these PPTs are evident from the fact that you don’t need years of technical experience or external support to change the color and size of the text and visual elements and to make other edits. You can also complement the stunning visuals with textual information by putting your own content in the text placeholders. Separate files have been designed for Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Sides. So, download them right away!


Perfect for All Professionals

Professionals from different domains, such as automobile, electrical, electronics, refineries, manufacturing, etc. can use these PPTs in their current or future business presentations for many purposes.

Startup Owners and Business Heads

For explaining:

  • key success factors, typical traits, market size, and strategy focus in various industrial life cycle phases - emerging, growth, consolidation, mature, and decline.
  • industrial relations with different stakeholders, such as employees, employers, government, employers association, trade unions, courts and tribunals, etc.
  • industrial-organizational psychology, including policy planning, training and development design, improving workplace productivity, etc.
  • blueprint for the industrial internet, including smart power, smart grid, real-time traffic planning, etc.

Operations Managers

For illustrating:

  • information related to operational efficiency, such as downtime in proportion to operating time, overall equipment effectiveness, percentage yield, etc. 
  • key domains for operational resilience - cybersecurity, capacity management, change management, risk management, service operations, etc.
  • key elements of operational readiness assessment
  • competencies, vision, and behaviors for operations transformation

Inventory Managers

For explaining:

  • benefits of just-in-time inventory systems, such as reduce lot size, reduce variability, reduce set up costs, etc.
  • key elements of inventory control systems - agencies, warehouses, transportation centers, etc.
  • functions of materials management - planning, sourcing, inventory control, budgeting, and stores management
  • inventory management process

Quality Control Managers

For showcasing:

  • control tools for quality management, including chart, scatter diagram, histogram, check sheet, etc.
  • defects, overproduction, extra processing, non-utilized talent, and other processes and actions that do not add value to your business

Features to Intrigue the Audience

  • The slides feature elegant color themes and shading effects.
  • The resolution of high-definition and vector-based graphics remain intact even if you make numerous edits or present on the large screen.
  • These colorful slides are reusable for a lifetime after you download them once.

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