Heart PowerPoint & Google Slides Templates

Our Heart PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides Themes are the perfect resources to convey your message with warmth and emotional connection. With these ready-made decks, you can emphasize the multifaceted aspects of the heart and spellbind your audience. 

Our well-curated collection has numerous versatile PPTs - three puzzle pieces - heart shape, five-piece heart puzzle, cardiovascular disease, cardiology, cardiorenal syndrome, cardiac arrest vs. heart attack, heart valve disease, heart failure, cardiology, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and more. Additionally, you get templates comprising melting heart icons, pulse heart icons, broken heart icons, etc.

Healthcare professionals can leverage these pre-designed PPTs to showcase the causes of heart attacks and various other heart-related diseases. Educators can use aesthetic designs to showcase the heart's anatomy, helping the students understand its role in blood circulation. Therapists and counselors can use these multipurpose decks to explain the connection between the heart and emotions. NGOs can use heart graphics in their presentations to showcase their fundraising initiatives for addressing a variety of issues related to heart health. These sets also come in handy for providing insights about maintaining a healthy heart and encouraging the audience to engage in acts of love and kindness. Additionally, you can use these versatile designs to talk about World Heart Day.

The blend of high-quality visuals, a warm and captivating color palette, and easy-to-read typography adds a touch of elegance to the templates, making them ideal choices for presenting on topics like cardiology, heart health, wellness, and more. 


  • You can quickly edit the elements to suit your preferences without special editing software or external aid. 
  • All visuals ensure the same resolution, irrespective of screen dimension. 
  • Everything has been designed after extensive research to keep copyright issues at bay. 
  • Download the PPT once to get its lifetime ownership.

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