5S Lean Workplace Concept

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Our 5S Lean Workplace Concept PowerPoint template has been designed to teach and educate people about how to keep their workplace clean, tidy and organized. The template set consists of 9 editable PPT slides which have been exquisitely designed in order to cater your need of creating a spell bound presentation which binds your audience as well as educates them.

The set has figures which make this concept of 5S Lean Workplace easy to understand for the audience. The set has intelligently depicted the 5 pillars of the concept which include Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. The template set also has different slides to explain each of these topics one at a time, and also contains slides which depict and explain all these factors collectively to your audience. Each slide also has a sample text box in which you can add your content.

However, all slides are editable but with our professionally designed PowerPoint template, you won't need much of a change because our experts have already mentioned the core and important points of the concept in the slides. You will simply love it for making it a lot more easier for you to convey this concept to your audience effectively.


The 5S Lean Workplace Concept is a Japanese methodology which tells about how to manage and create the most efficient and productive workplace. The 5 components of this methodology are Systematic Arrangement, Sort, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. All these terms have their respective common meanings. These qualities are taken into effect to create a clean and effective workplace where the possibility of optimum output is maximum and with the ease in carrying out tasks, people will be pleased to work in such an effective environment. The 5S methodology is very rewarding for organizations because a perfect workplace is amongst the key factors for a successful business.

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