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Business Ecosystem Diagram for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Business Ecosystem Diagram for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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Want to explain how an effective ecosystem has direct impact on your business success? With our pre-designed Business Ecosystem PowerPoint Template your presentation will be a successful event. Being professionally built by a group of field experts, it brings you a perfect blend of innovation and creativity. From explaining the roles of your suppliers, distributors, customers and competitors to illustrating the involvement of various different industries to your team, the template will prove helpful. As optimum versatility is maintained in the creation of the slides, they fit well with all sorts of related topics.

The template set consists of 15 editable PPT Slides. Graphics are bold and layouts are attention grabbing. Thus, while you aim at communicating well, your presentation stays catchier and attractive. You get complete editable option that ensures total command over the designing elements. Whether you want to change the background color or the font size and shape, it is absolutely easy. Now, when you save all your time, efforts and resources, why not utilizing them on content and communication? You don't have to spend hours creating the slides. Nor there is any need to hire a designer for the task. You simply work on what you have to speak while we work on your visuals.

You can be a small enterprise or a large firm; an executive or a team-leader; a professor or student; in every case the template will serve your purpose. Regardless of your presentation aim, your industry type and the message that you have to deliver, you can use the set at your ease. There is no need to start from the scratch. By simple modification and slight touch up you are ready to appear in front of the audience.


Business Ecosystem is a strategic planning model that can be defined as a network of organizations comprising of suppliers, distributors, clients & customers and also of competitors as well as government agencies that work towards advancing the sales of a certain product or service through competition and co-operation.

This concept was put forward by James F. Moore in 1993. According to Moore, business ecosystem is "an economic community supported by a foundation of interacting organizations and individuals - the organisms of the business world." The concept is simple, just like the biological ecosystems where different species have to interact with each other both in competitive and cooperative manner for sustenance, the business world also has to do it. In other words, the health and performance of each of the firm in a network is dependent on the overall health and performance of the firms as a whole.

It often involves a variety of industries or businesses dealing with various specialized areas such as legal, consulting, recruiting, marketing, public relations and so on that form a complex network along with institutions such as universities and government agencies. As all work in a mesh like environment, success of every individual firm holds importance in their overall success.

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