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Core Diagram for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Core Diagram for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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It is a well known fact that core diagram is vital to enterprise architecture for various scenarios. Thus, you will often need to include it in your presentation. This is why we bring to you pre-designed PowerPoint Core Diagram Template. Professionally created by a team of field experts after a proper research, you get most innovative handling of the template. Each of the slides on the set is uniquely flexible and completely editable. You can mold them as per your needs and easily incorporate them into your visuals. And you don't even have to work from the scratch.

From reflecting the integration and standardization level of your company to specifying various elements of business and technology, the template will fit well with every EA related subject matter. Whether you have to represent your entire enterprise or hit hard on a specific business segment independently, you can always depend on these slides. The quality of the graphics and wholesomeness of the designing add extra attractiveness to your visual aids. You don’t just illustrate your points and arguments but communicate them with distinct clarity.

You get complete freedom to modify the designing elements and handle the content as per your needs. So, from changing the color, font, and layout basics to changing the placement of the textbox you can do it all. Your presentation now requires only a few minutes of work and you are all done. You save a lot of time, efforts, and resources, how about using them in enhancing your content and communication? Just a bit of touch up and you are all set to hit the presentation hall!


Core Diagrams are a form of Enterprise Architecture Model that makes it easier for you to illustrate various standardized processes with regard to your operating model. It further assists you in deciding which data facets must be taken as the "master data". Similarly, it tells which of your systems should be taken as "systems of record" It plays a vital role in various operational processes starting from enterprise designing, planning & strategizing, analysis, and finally in the implementation. All of these are aimed at executing business associated strategies in successful manner. Using these, you can visually represent the key business processes, shared data and integrated technology of your firm.

It is a great way of removing all kinds of ambiguities that business stakeholders often have to come across when they aim at driving change in the organization. Whether it is a confusion of ownership or a case of emotional attachment that stakeholders often have over some complex implementations, this EA model always prove helpful.

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