International Market Entry Methods

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Want to elaborate on your observations on foreign expansion of your business? You can make it most vibrant and effectively impressive with suitable visuals. You'll not just communicate well but will convince everyone among the audiences with added authority. However, creating fitting visuals is easier said than done. Thus, we bring to you an entire set of Pre-designed International Market Entry Methods PowerPoint Template. Professionally created and fully editable, you get complete user-friendly experience with the set.

The slides on the set cover all the popular Foreign Market Entry Modes starting from direct export, indirect export, licensing, and franchising to contracting, manufacturing abroad and joint venture. Each of the points is well described through skillfully worked out graphics and unique designing patterns. From layout basics and background colors to font size and typeset, you're free to choose everything. You also have the liberty to modify every element as per your needs. This gives versatility to your slides and makes it real fun to create slides.

Your entire task gets restricted to content addition and design modification. So, whatever industry you deal with and whoever you'll have in your audiences, you'll always be able to mold the slides according to your purpose. And thus, with simplified efforts and lesser time involvement, you'll be communicating outstandingly.


Entering the foreign market is indeed a significant decision to make. This requires understanding the Foreign Market Entry Modes also known as International Market Entry Methods and following the one which is most appropriate. Notably, the choice totally depends upon the business type, its products/services, its marketing plan, expected results and the laws of the region to which the expansions are to be made.

The most popular methods include:

Direct Export - This involves producing the product in the home market and selling it overseas.

Indirect Export - This involves including a third party seller to whom the organizations sell their products, who then on their behalf sell them in the foreign market.

Licensing - In this the Licensor grants the organization the license to produce. The license may also include other aspects such as brand name usage and royalty payment in its return and so on. It has lesser risk factor than other methods.

Franchising - It is another kind of licensing. In this, the organizations create a franchise of the packages that have been successful in their home market and offer it to their overseas investors. The organizations also assist their investor by providing proper training and in many cases also by marketing the products and services.

Contracting - This involves an organization’s getting into a contract with another organization asking it to produce on its behalf. This proves beneficial as it saves the organization from the process of exporting to foreign market.

Manufacturing Abroad - This involves establishing a manufacturing plant in the host country. In some cases, the government of the host country provides tax advantages as this method creates employment openings, helping their economy grow well.

Joint Venture - It involves the coming together of two organizations forming a joint company in order to operate in the host country. This way not just the profits, expertise and knowledge is shared between the organizations but also the market risks.

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